Premier In-Home Personal Training Service in NYC

The L Trainer is NYC’s in-home, personal training service. Our training team designs fun and challenging fitness programs in a setting that works best for you (home, private gym, office, park). We use TRX suspension equipment, bands, kettlebells, as well as your body weight to ensure that we create a program that is tailored to you.

We aim to empower our clients to find a fitness regimen that works with their lifestyle:

  • whether they lack time and enjoy the convenience of a service that comes to them
  • are recovering from an injury or illness
  • or have a child at home but still want to get their fitness in

We come to you and challenge you to get and most importantly keep your fitness on track.

When did The L Trainer start?

The L Trainer started in 2009 when we came together as a group of independent trainers to form a strong and collaborative training team. When you work on your own as an independent trainer, there are two major limitations. One, you do not have the opportunity to problem solve fitness programs when something is not working and, two, there is no one to cover your schedule when you get sick or need to take time off.

Since we work together as a team, The L Trainer ensures that our clients get the most out of their fitness programs and sessions. We pride our selves on being consistent, innovative, and caring to both our team and our clientele.

What does “fitness on track” mean?

“Keeping your fitness on track” is our motto and it means that you are doing what you need to do take care of your body and mind. National recommendations for exercise are 150 min of cardio and 2 times per week of strength training. We need to do this just to stay healthy. But some people need more. When you work with The L Trainer, we try to find the right exercise dose that helps your body stay strong, energized, and healthy.

Why are you called The L Trainer?

The L Trainer is named for the L train subway line that services Williamsburg, where our business is based. Founder Camille Eroy-Reveles, MPH was living in Williamsburg when she conceived the idea of The L Trainer and realized that most of her clients lived right off the L train line. Since then, we’ve expanded our client base; although the majority of our clients are in North Brooklyn, we also travel around NYC.

The L Trainer has clients in:

The L Trainer is comprised of a team of skilled and educated trainers to best serve our clients.

The L Trainer is comprised of a team of skilled and educated trainers to best serve our clients.

  • Williamsburg
  • Greenpoint
  • Union Square
  • Chelsea
  • West Village
  • Soho
  • Financial District
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Midtown
  • Upper East Side

We do our best to come to you, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in In-Home Personal Training. If we cannot come to your neighborhood, you can come to us in our midtown location at Physio Sports Center at 33th and Madison.

Trying to decide if In-Home Personal Training is for you? Read the below blogs for more information or call us at 347- 687-5348.

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