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Brooklyn Trainer Tip Tuesday- Create a Vision Statement for your Future FIT Life

Because if you FEEL it, you can DO it! Create Your Vision Statement For Your Mind/Body and Your Fitness We all know that change doesn’t happen overnight. When you decide it’s time for action, taking the time to reflect on what is important to you and how you want to feel  will help steer you […]

Brooklyn Trainer Tip Tuesday- Create a Vision Statement for your Future FIT Life

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Because if you FEEL it, you can DO it!

Create Your Vision Statement For Your Mind/Body and Your Fitness

Camille envisioned a consistent yoga practice

Camille envisioned a consistent yoga practice

We all know that change doesn’t happen overnight. When you decide it’s time for action, taking the time to reflect on what is important to you and how you want to feel  will help steer you on the right path, especially during the tough times.


Imagery is an extremely useful tool for success that is often overlooked. When embarking upon your fitness journey, you may have an idea of how much you want to weigh, or how much you want to bench. But envisioning how you want to feel–how your body moves in “x” months, how your fitness makes you feel can lead you into the right place for success. It’s easier for our bodies to take in sensory cues like smell, sight, touch and sound. If you feel it, you can do it!


Ask yourself, in 3 months time what does my ideal life look and FEEL like?

Create a picture of your life, specifically your ideal fitness life, with as much sensory detail as you can put in there. What activities will you be doing? What will your body feel like? What does this life look like?

Start with:

“It is _______(date in 3 months). Today is a very special day as I am celebrating the growth of the seeds that I planted on (today’s date). “

Want to read a Vision Statement? 

Check out our founder Camille’s  6th Month Vision Statement from Fall 2015 when she was undergoing a big nutrition and lifestyle transformation.

“It is Tuesday March 8th. Today is a very special day as I am celebrating the growth of the heart seeds that I planted on October 6th, 2015. I am healthier than I have ever been. I can feel my chest and heart wide open and the dowagers hump that visits the back of my neck when I am stressed is something of the past. I’m wearing that black crop top that makes me feel like a goddess and as I do a body scan I can tell my muscles are a bit sore from surfing yesterday but I know that this morning’s yoga practice will help me unwind. My body is lean and parasite free and my skin is clear, vibrant, and toasty brown. When I look at my tongue I can see that it is bright red- my own indicator that candida albicans has stayed away and I’m eating a balanced low sugar diet. I love my long and lustrous hair and how fast  my brain works.

Flowing with the Ocean

Flowing with the Ocean

I am writing this sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee in Nosara, Costa Rica. I’m attending the 500 hour yoga school and I’m excited to be learning self awakening techniques and yoga therapy from Don Stapleton. This education is going to help me continue to create a holistic foundation for Mind Body Fluency. I’m sitting here under the warm sun. I can hear the birds sing and I share soft smiles with the other yogis. I am so grateful that I am here. Not only can I nerd out on the yoga education, but I can also surf daily:). The last two months I was able to fulfill a longtime goal of living in my birthplace Santa Cruz with my family. I was able to see my nieces and my sisters every week- our relationships have never felt stronger. We went on a lot of hikes and had many dance parties. I have enjoyed learning how to cook gluten-free food with Cherie and play weekly tennis with Dad. It has been so great to be able to help my family with fitness programs especially tailored to them. The best thing is that I am close to my big ocean. I have been paddling a lot and have surfed at least once per week the entire time in Santa Cruz. Finally- I am using all the bikinis that I have stock piled. Even though I am sometimes afraid of the ocean, I am happy that I am showing up and trying to flow with her. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes I get knocked down. But I respect this process and realize I am living a dream- my dream.”

(And LIFE UPDATE: most of it happened for Camille)

Remember that this is your life, and you do have the power to change and develop the habits necessary for amazing vitality ! One of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs as personal trainers is seeing our clients put in the hard work and undergo their transformation. Not all transformation is physical–we see people grow in confidence and in happiness as well, and this is sometimes more rewarding (if not more) than seeing the physical change. You’ve got this!

Ready to start and take your fitness to the next level? Contact The L Trainer today!

Brooklyn Trainer Talks Progression to Pushups

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Williamsburg Personal Trainer teaches Progression to Pushups.

Each Thursday , The L Trainer Team shares tips on how to master exercises that are easy to do wherever you are! This week, we’re tackling one of our faves–the push-up. A close relative to the plank which we covered in a previous blog, the push-up is a plank with a lot more shoulder activation- there is movement, power, and shoulder girdle stabilization all working in tandem under gravity.  Push-ups require a strong core, awareness of alignment, and a cooperative shoulder girdle. Here’s our trainers’ top tips to perfect your push-up:

Trainer Tip Thursday: Progressing to Push-Up

  1. Learn how to activate your core under length.exercises muffin top

Start with the plank and think of lengthening from your heels all the way to the crown of your head. Imagine someone is pulling on your feet one direction and your head going the opposite direction. We get most of our length in this position by allowing space between the vertebrae (bones in the spine). Keep this length and draw in your belly button, squeeze your legs, and draw your shoulders into their sockets. You are now activating your entire core. Stay here for 5 breaths and take a break. Once you can maintain this plank for a minute, you are safe to progress to pushup.


  1. Keep your neck long!

Don’t let your chin tip up or hang down. Your gaze should be on the floor ahead of you, fixated on a point where your neck is neutral. The vertebrae in the neck are a part of a healthy spinal alignment. It takes effort to maintain neutral neck alignment as you lower your body towards the floor and push back up. A common compensation we see is cramming shoulders up into the ears, which makes it easier because the length of your body shrinks. But taking this easy route can also lead to injury in the neck and shoulders. So it’s a good test to see if you are able to maintain the space around the neck throughout the entire movement and if you can’t, make the move easier, it’s not worth the neck injury.


  1. Make the “Push” easier by starting on your knees or on the counter.
    Keep the length of the plank as you bend and straighten your arms.

    Keep the length of the plank as you bend and straighten your arms.

     To make it easier, start on bent knees or put your hands on a counter or table to remove some of the weight until you can maintain the neck/shoulder space before going into a full push-up on the ground. By allowing yourself to start at an easier position, you can build strength in the muscles that power your pushup without falling into bad movement habits.


Now, figure out a good starting point for you, whether plank, knees, counter, or floor! Now drop and give me “healthy neck and spinal alignment” for as many as you can do.

Want to take your fitness to the next level? Contact The L Trainer today!

Meet our newest Teammate Nathalie! Personal Training Williamsburg

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The L Trainer is excited to welcome our newest teammate,  Brooklyn Personal Trainer Nathalie De Jesus.


Personal Trainer Nathalie believes "Health is Wealth"

Personal Trainer Nathalie believes “Health is Wealth”


Nathalie is a home-grown New Yorker with a BS in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College and a winning coaching attitude. After a few years of training at Equinox, Nathalie decided to join The L Trainer. Whether she is coaching young athletes on the softball field or working with clients in the comfort of their homes, Nathalie delivers an empowering fitness and wellness experience. Read below to learn more about powerful Nathalie.


Why are you excited to work with The L Trainer?

I grew up in many team settings and I love the unity and growth The L Trainer provides to the team’s vision and the individual. The L Trainer is a fun circle of trainers who push each other to become the best trainers they can be. Sounds cliché, but The L Trainer is a nurturing environment perfect for like-minded trainers to grow. We’re constantly seeking education and we’re always thinking of new ways to give our clients the most well rounded and fulfilling experience.”

 What’s your favorite part of being a Personal Trainer?

Always keep exercise fun!

Always keep exercise fun!

My favorite part about being a personal trainer is that I share my passion with others every single day. I absolutely love what I do and I can’t believe the amount of confidence my clients gain after mastering new exercises, feeling better, and looking better.

What is your coaching style?

I’d say my coaching style is educational, motivating, and fun! I like teaching my clients about movement and healthy habits. I want each and every one of my clients to take something away from each session that they can apply to their everyday life. I also like to make sure my clients are having fun throughout the process. There’s nothing better than seeing the change your clients fight forevery training session. When a client tells you they appreciate your energy, that’s the best!

Ready to put the passion back into your exercise program? Contact The L Trainer today!

3 tips to stay successful in Fitness from our Williamsburg Personal Training

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So you want to start a Brooklyn Fitness Program…we got you covered!

It’s not easy to make a change, but The L Trainer’s got you covered.

We all know that change doesn’t happen overnight. When you decide it’s time for action, taking the right steps to set yourself up for success goes a long way. Here’s our top three ways you can prepare for starting a new fitness program:

Our master trainers Jesse and Angie have your back!

Our master trainers Jesse and Angie have your back!

1. Identify Your Supporters

Know who’s on your cheering squad. Obviously, you want positive people on your team and ones who know what to do and say to put a little pep in your step. Hearing positive reinforcement is going to make all the difference on days you don’t want to do what you know you need to do. No one runs a marathon without the cheers from the crowd. Write down their names. Check in with them, and thank them for their support often. If you are unsure of where to find your team, begin by hiring a trainer (we’re your number one fan), find a fitness class you like and start making new friends, and/or follow people on social media you can interact with and be encouraged by.

2. Practice Self-Liberation

Sounds powerful, right? Self-liberation is two-fold; one, it is the belief that you CAN change. Two, it is the commitment (and re-commitment) to your change. We see people practicing self-liberation all the time–via facebook declarations, New Year’s resolutions–even selfies. It is powerful, because it works.

3. Create Your Vision Statement For Your Mind/Body and Your Fitness

Imagery is an extremely useful tool for success that is often overlooked. When embarking upon your fitness journey, you may have an idea of how much you want to weigh, or how much you want to bench. But envisioning how you want to feel–how your body moves in “x” months, how your fitness makes you feel can lead you into the right place for success. It’s easier for our bodies to take in sensory cues like smell, sight, touch and sound.

Remember that this is your life, and you do have the power to change! One of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs as personal trainers is seeing our clients put in the hard work and undergo their transformation. Not all transformation is physical–we see people grow in confidence and in happiness as well, and this is sometimes more rewarding (if not more) than seeing the physical change. You’ve got this!

“Don’t think about how weak you are–think of how strong you are going to become.” –Michelle Berry Dougherty

Ready to make a change? Contact The L Trainer for a consultation and get revved up for your new fitness plan!

Williamsburg Personal Training- What to Expect

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What To Expect As You Start Your Personal Fitness Journey With The L Trainer


Guidance As You Nurture The Body Through Fitness

People ask us all the time what to expect when working with a personal trainer. We can’t speak for other personal trainers or companies, but we will give you a sneak peak into what happens when you train with The L Trainer.


Day One

The L trainer creates 6-week programs to guide you on your wellness journey. It is a bit of “choose your own adventure,” as we are all unique beings and want different things. But the structure of our programming is consistent. We begin with a Fitness Consultation, take a few different body composition measures, and then create the Program Strategy so that we are moving in the direction of your goals. The Program Strategy guides what we are going to do in your sessions as well as what you need to do on your own. By the end of Day One, we have a better idea of your starting point, baseline measures for improvement, and have set realistic goals. We have also set up your 6-week reassessment.

Why 6 weeks?

6 weeks is typically enough time to experience change and for the body to get into the rhythm of the program. The L Trainer starts very conservatively–a well-balanced fitness program means that we are

challenging different systems within the body (myofascial, cardio-respiratory, balance and coordination, etc.). We want to make sure you progress, but safety for our clients is our number one priority.

Because our modern day reality is either sitting a large part of the day, or being slumped over screens, our joints get really crowded and our body is tight. A lot of the initial training we do, is on the myofascial system (muscles, fascia, soft tissue around joint). We try to create more space in the body and figure out what movements/exercises we can do to calm down tight muscles so that moving becomes easier. We honor the process of the body and mind opening up even while we create strength and endurance in muscles. This is a careful balance and it takes time. But it feels great to have more mobility in the body and less tension, so our clients are always feeling better and better each session.

Building a healthy aerobic base is a key component in our fitness programming. For at least 20 minutes a session, we make sure that you are moving continuously, your heart rate is elevated, you get winded and you start to release those amazing feel good endorphins. Every cardio program looks different for each client and is largely based on what our client’s goals and needs are. Don’t worry; we keep the fun and motivational factor HIGH! We want you to sweat, feel your body reaching new heights, and recharge.

Focus on Data

At the 6th week reassessment, we check in. We take measurements and look for progress in our mobility, strength and endurance. This is also the time where we change your program strategy and refine your goals. This check in is essential as it allows us to see what works and what does not.

Client Story: A recent client of ours signed up with the sole purpose of building more fitness for a 10k run. His goal was crossing the finish line pain free. His program strategy included lots of mobility work (foam rolling and stretching) and strength training work that supported his stride. At the reassessment, he was very pleased to have lost 11 inches in 6 weeks. Losing inches was not his goal, performing well was. But looking at the data from the beginning to 6 weeks later motivated him to keep going strong and to set new (more challenging) goals.


We reassess you, not to wag our finger at you for having a glass of wine every night, but to celebrate that when you commit to a program and show up and do the work, amazing changes happen. We got you!

For a fitness assessment, please contact us. Imagine in 6 weeks how your mind and body can be functioning at a completely different level and be more connected to the body you’re in!

Williamsburg Personal Training: Surfing Tips for Building Full Body Strength and Awareness

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Williamsburg Personal Training: Surfing Tips for Building Full Body Strength and Awareness

At The L Trainer, we often work with our clients to prepare for major life events such as weddings,surfs up! marathons and getting ready for baby (for both Mama and Papa). Recently, we had a couple come to us whose goal was to feel fit enough to fully enjoy their upcoming surf vacation. They had planned it all; flights, accommodations and a surf camp, but they realized that unless they prepared for the physical challenge that awaited them, they would miss out on a lot of fun.

Having a personal trainer at your side can make all the difference between ten days of catching waves and learning techniques to ten days of soreness and wipeouts.


Whether you are a total novice or an advanced surfer- building full body strength and awareness is key to making the most of your time on the water.

Below are a few essential tips from The L Trainer to get you surf ready.
1) Just do it. We are not getting any younger and there will never be a better time than now. You have trained hard and now you want to be one with the ocean. Go out and play and you will learn so much about yourself….What a way to reconnect with the earth💚💙
2) Don’t turn your back on the ocean. This tip is stand alone…Trainer Tip:if you aren’t a great swimmer, then consider some swimming lessons
3) If you haven’t signed up for a class or camp then find a friend or surf pro to help you learn timing in the water. From paddling out to positioning yourself at the right place to catch your first wave (and so much in between and beyond..i.e. “the line up”) things are much easier when you have an experienced surfer coaching you.
4) Build Body Awareness with the Following Routine:


Plank- Hold for 30-60 seconds. Don't forget to breath

Plank- Hold for 30-60 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe

Planks are great at building shoulder girdle stability and core strength and awareness overall. Hold with proper form and don’t forget to breath, 30 sec-1 min, repeat for three rounds. Trainer Tip: make sure to keep your body in a straight line and draw in the belly button and lower ribs. Think about pushing out through the heels and l lengthening the body all the way to the top of the head. Remember that your neck is part of your spine, so don’t let the head sink down or strain up as it will throw of your entire plank.

Side Planks Side Planks are similar to planks, except you are thinking about stacking one shoulder on top of the other and one hip on top of the other. You will have your forearm stabilizing the shoulder as you build strength through the shoulder joint, obliques, and hips. Try to keep your chest open and your shoulder blades pulled together. Keep your neck long and in line with your spine. If this move is tough, bend your knees and make a straight line from your knees, hips, shoulders, and ear. Hold for 5-10 breaths, 2-3 rounds. Trainer Tip: a side plank doesn’t just use your core! Focus on the hip, oblique and shoulder all working together to lift your hip up and stabilize in place.

Spinal Extension or “Cobra” in yoga

Cobra or

Spinal Extension or “Cobra” in yoga

Get ready for a sport that has you on your stomach a lot! You hang out in this position longer than you would think when you surf. If you don’t get the extension through your lower back then the movement and mobility you need typically translates to more stress on your neck and/or shoulders. So work on that mobility through the front of your body and improve the strength of your back muscles. The “cobra” does it all. Hold 5-10 breaths. Repeat 2-3 times. Trainer Tip: Plant the front of the hips into the ground and think of extending out and up to lift your chest from the floor. Spaciousness versus compression is your guide.


Low Lunge

Spinal Exstention or Cobra, in yoga

Low Lunge

In order to fluidly “pop up” to standing on your board it helps if your hips are open. A low lunge with your shin on the floor, your hips square, and your front foot under the knee will open the hip of the back leg. (You will feel a lot of quad and hip flexor opening) Try to hold it for 10 breaths and then switch. Repeat 2-3 rounds daily. Trainer Tip: if you are having a hard time with this one, put a chair under your hands to bring the floor closer to you. Mobility cannot be rushed.


Burpees and Push-ups Add these two moves to your regular exercise program; push-ups to build upper body and core strength and a burpee to get you used to the similar motion of lying on the board and popping up.



Finally, don’t be hard on yourself if don’t catch a wave Day 1. Accept that learning to be one with the waves, means being humbled by our dear Mother Ocean. You are going to wipe out, paddle until your arms feel like they may fall off, but then you may get a sweet ride that will save your day and you will remember that you are living the dream!!

To get yourself ready to enjoy your summer and beyond, contact the L Trainer. We can tailor a program to help you meet all your physical goals!

Williamsburg Personal Trainer Tips: Time Tested Cardio Moves

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Check-Out TheseTotally Rad, Time Tested Cardio Moves


cardio moves, dance groves

This week, The L Trainer brings you a short list of cardio moves you may have forgotten about. So get ready to dust off your walkman and locate those neon rubber bracelets.


Sadly, as adults, we let this mode of cardio slip away from us as we grow older, but why? Skipping is not only loads of fun, it also incorporates basic plyometrics (jumping high and with power) into one, compound movement. Add some power into the swing of your arms, and you have yourself a very effective exercise.

Jumping Jacks
Your elementary school gym class was onto something. Though you may associate this move with fifth grade, yoyos, and wall-ball, don’t let its adolescent charm fool you. The jumping jack is not only a terrific cardio move for getting your heart rate up quickly, it also requires coordination and lateral ankle stability–something that anyone, who has ever had to jump sideways over a puddle in the middle of a New York City sidewalk, can relate to.

Jumping Rope
Just like flared jeans and crop tops, the jump rope is back. No longer confined to playgrounds, big kids are rediscovering the joy of getting a fast and effective cardio workout that requires coordination and agility. Jump ropes are a great tool to use when creating an in-home training circuit, just make sure you wear supportive shoes and remove anything that can be knocked over before you start to get your sweat on.


To see Camille in action, please check us out on instagram ;-)

We are going to go way, way, back for this one…..If you have kids or are around any for more than a few hours you will notice that children as young as toddlers will instinctively start dancing the moment they hear music. It can be nearly any kind of music from the polka to the latest top 100- they don’t care. As we “mature”, we can easily forget the simple  joy that comes from moving this freely; we wait till there is a party or a cardio class that incorporates dance, which is fine. But how about rediscovering the pleasure of putting on 10-15 minutes of your favorite dance beats and really moving around. If it helps to play some old songs that remind you of your youth, do it! We happily admit to breaking a sweat to Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” and Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” every now and then…..the possibilities are endless.

The point is that movement should feel fun and as kids, we all knew that without even having to think about it. One of the things we do as personal trainers is to help you rediscover this lost knowledge for yourself. The more you move, the more you’ll want to move and the better you’ll feel.

So here is your circuit:
3 songs long!

First song: Salt n Pepa’s ” Push it Good” (4 min and 32 seconds)
Jump rope- 1 minute (If you don’t have a rope, fake it with the movement of jumping rope)
Jumping Jack- 30 seconds
Squats- 30 seconds
Skip (in place if you are at home)- 30 seconds
Pushups- 30 seconds
*repeat until the song is over

Second Song: Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” (3 minutes and 15 seconds)
10 jumping jacks
20 high skips
20 walking lunges (or in place if you are at home)
Plank for 10 breaths
*repeat until the song is over

Last Song: Whitney Houston’s ” I Want to Dance With Somebody” (4 min and 51 seconds)
Dance your ass off and if you lack inspiration keep repeating one of the circuits above and add hair whips and hip thrusts to make it your own. You know how to do this- the music is deep inside your soul so find your moves!

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level and want some help getting there, then contact us, we are here to help you.

Brooklyn Personal Trainer Talks Movement Antidote To Sitting

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If you get Back Pain with Sitting, here is your Movement Antidote

Antitode to Sitting

Antitode to Sitting

Unless you are working on a farm or are lucky enough to have a profession that forces you to stand or walk around for most of the day, chances are that you are spending several hours per day sitting. Sit to work, sit to eat, sit to travel, and even sit to relax. In our modern life, we simply cannot avoid sitting for many hours per day. Besides incurring the dreaded “secretary spread,” sitting more than 3 hours each day can take years off your lifespan. Sitting also puts nearly twice the stress on the spine as standing and as a result could lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain and subsequent injury.

So what do you do?

In the spirit of giving you tools that will help you survive and thrive in this modern life, I have compiled some of my favorite exercises that when done correctly may be the perfect antidote to sitting.  The sitting position makes it very easy to round your shoulders and back, especially if you lean against the chair back. Staying in this position several hours per day will lead to tight muscles in the front of the body (think chest, hip flexors and the front of the neck) and lax muscles in the back of the body.  Therefore, the “antidote” exercises aim to lengthen the spine and stimulate the muscles in back of the body. Doing the exercises several times each day will allow us to sit with better posture, protect our body from injury, and hopefully not feel so guilty about relaxing and watching some Netflix.


Sitting and Lower Back Pain Recommendation:

For every 2 hours of sitting, do a round of the “antidote” exercises. Try to do each exercise for 30 seconds one after another for a total of 2 minutes.  Not only will your body feel great, but it may also help you focus and be more productive at work. Try it now!


Standing Bird Dog

standing bird dog

Standing Bird Dog

Standing Bird Dog

Stand up tall with your hands against the wall. Pull your belly button in towards your back of your body contract while at the same time reach towards the ceiling with your spine throughout the exercise. Extend one leg back until you feel the muscles in the opposite arm. As you move make sure to keep your abdominals engaged and breathe. Alternate back and forth. When done correctly you will feel the back of the body working. If you have pain in the shoulders or neck when reaching up, try to do the exercises with just the legs.


This exercise integrates both upper and lower body movement at the same time, while challenging your balance and using the muscles in the back of the body.


Body Weight Rows

Body Weight Row

Continue standing and reach your arms forward. “Row” your arms back as if you are rowing a boat. As your elbows near your body pull your shoulder blades together. Repeat. As you “row” check in with your shoulder and neck position. Ideally your shoulders will not rise up as you move. To make this exercise more challenging imagine you are rowing a very heavy boat.


Rows function to counteract the damage caused by rounding your back when sitting. Think about the rows as waking up the back of your shoulders so you remind the muscles to work to keep your upright. A row utilizes muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and rotator cuff to pull your shoulder blades together. Doing rows will lead to better posture and a healthier spine.



Wide Leg Squat

Wide Leg Squat

Start out by sitting in your chair with your feet shoulder width apart. Have a wider stance if you have any knee discomfort. If the chair has wheels on it, put it against a stable surface. Stand up from this position by driving through your heels and using the muscles in the back of the legs and hips. Feel your spine lengthen as you stand as tall as you can. Sit back down and repeat. To make this squat more challenging do not sit down at the bottom of your squat and simply tap your hips on the chair and stand up tall.


Sitting most of the day leads to deconditioning of the major hip extensor muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes. Squats reactivate these muscles making it easier to sit up from a chair, get up the stairs, and also help you tighten your behind.


Calf Raise

Stand up tall with your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands against the wall if you need some balance help. Lift your heels off the floor and lower your body back down. While doing these “heel lifts” make sure to contract the muscles you used in the 3 previous exercises the glutes, hamstrings, and midback muscles. If these are easy for you, try to do one foot for 30 seconds and the other for 30 seconds.


If you work from home or have room in your office then add the following exercise:




Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Lift your hips off the floor by contracting your glutes and hamstring muscles. You may also feel the hip flexors muscles stretching. Try not to hyperextend your spine by pushing your hips up too high. Instead only lift your hips high enough so that you feel your glutes engage.


The goal of the exercise is to stimulate the glute and hamstring muscles, the very muscles that are lax all day long from sitting. By practicing bridges daily, you can protect your lower back from strain and condition your major lower body muscles.


If you’d like to speak to one of our educated, experienced and caring personal trainers about any of these exercises or to learn more about our in-home training programs CONTACT US now!

Daylong Fitness Retreat: Rockaway Beach with The L Trainer

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Daylong Fitness Retreat:  Rockaway Beach with The L Trainer

 Daylong Fitness Retreat to Rockaway Beach 2016

Mark you calendars for June 12, 2016 !

Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Sun and Sand Await You!


This could be you!

Join The L Trainer,  for a daylong fitness retreat to Rockaway Beach this June. We are reuniting with our friends at A​-​Team Paddleboarding  ​​​on June 12th, 2016​ to offer you a unique fitness getaway that includes; yoga, stand up paddleboarding, a breezy lunch,  and the perfect excuse to head out to the beach.

Last summer, our leadership team had the time of their lives  with the crew from A-Team and we couldn’t be more pleased to be ​returning for a day of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), sand and yoga with you.


A Mini Fitness Refresh Retreat

Whether it is a swim in the ocean, being one with the waves or walking on the beach, the presence of the vast mother ocean demands a return to the ​senses. After a day at the beach you’ll  feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the week.

SUP teaches you how to be fluid like the water while generating the power to move forward.

You literally have to go w​ith​ the flow and surrender to the ripples and waves of the wa​t​er. ​This is a ​great exercise for New Yorkers-​ you can’t power through it all. Take a deep breathe, recalibrate, and move forward towards your destination.




SUP, Sea and Sand The Perfect Summer Recipe


  • Sunday, June 12th, 2016  from 10:30am- 2pm


  • Rockaway Beach


  • Fitness-inspired fun on the water and sand
  • ​30 minute yoga session on the beach lead by Camille
  • 90 minute Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Group Lesson taught by A-Team Paddle Boarding
  • 20 minutes of yoga/ recovery work
  • ​Lunch, ​Fitness snacks, ​and a ​drink ticket​*


  • $100
Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is an ​amazing​, complete body and mind fitness ​​experience.​ ​SUP requires total body​ and mind​ integration and the focus to power forward, change directions, and stay on the board when ​the surface ​underneath you ​is constantly changing.

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Feelin’ Those Brooklyn Half Nerves? Don’t Worry; We’ve Got You

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Fitness Tips, Motivation, Newsworthy Wellness

Don’t Worry; Run Happy

The AirBnB Brooklyn Half is next Saturday, and our team at   The L Trainer couldn’t be more pumped!  We wanted to share a few tips our master trainer Angie gave us last year (this will be her fifth year running the Brooklyn Half–go Angie!). Here’s how to have the best race you can on Saturday–no matter what:

Last Minute Tips For the Brooklyn Half

by Angie Knudson

Master trainer Angie does a little foot rolling before her 5th Brooklyn Half.

Master trainer Angie does a little foot rolling before her 5th Brooklyn Half.

1. Decide What Kind Of Run It Will Be

Notice I didn’t say ‘race’. We all have high hopes for Brooklyn, but let’s face it–it’s hot, humid, and allergy season. Forget catching up on mileage if your late winter/early spring training didn’t go as planned. You want to have fresh legs for the race, so every run from this day forward should be nice and easy. Use the race as a prep run for better training come summer, an ego boost, or simply have fun. The finish line is on a beach, so you might as well relax.


2. Don’t Let Anything Bug You

Aside from wearing sunscreen, insect repellant is another must for race day.
Prospect Park is lush and mosquitos like lush. They also like your sweaty body (who doesn’t, right?), and this is about the time of year when mosquitos start to hatch faster than Meb can PR. Running three miles in Prospect Park on race day in humidity can mean gnats and mosquitos, so prepare and splurge on some sweat-proof repellant to spray on right before the race.


3. Power Up With Caution

The Brooklyn Half always offers power gel stations, which is convenient mid-race if you’ve forgotten your own gels or gummies. Power up with caution, however; empty gel packs turn into a sticky mess on asphalt, especially if the ground was wet with early morning dew or splashes of water or Gatorade. If you can, bring your own energy packets, and try to avoid the sticky mess.

4. Get Salty

Swing by your local fast food joint or corner deli for some mini salt packets and carry them with you on race day. With hotter temperatures comes a delicate balancing act of staying hydrated, which sodium helps to regulate in your body (Read this great article about the sodium/hydration balance here). After you exit the park during the race, you’ll run a long stretch of Ocean Parkway that has little shade and plenty of hot asphalt. Dabbing a tiny bit of salt on your tongue while continuing to sip from the water stations can do wonders if you’re overheating. (Note: Do not shoot the salt like a shot of tequila; save that for the boardwalk).

Final Thoughts:

If you’re feeling worried about Saturday, relax. This race may not be the one most people PR in. A lot of us are in the same boat–getting back into our fitness/running routine, and now, getting used to humidity, allergies, etc.  Complete a handful of small-to-moderate runs in the next few days to make sure you’re more acclimated to the heat, eat right, drink plenty of water, and have fun out there.

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