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Forget the Resolutions–Here’s 15 Ways to Live Better in 2015

Posted by on Jan 2, 2015 in Fitness Tips, Healthy Lifestyle, Motivation

Happy New Year from The L Trainer! By now, we’ve all read a million blogs on making our resolutions stick throughout the year.  We’ve listened as those around us have decided to do something they’ve been wanting or needing to do.  For many, the beginning of a new year marks the beginning of embarking on the journey to change.

But for those of us who may be wary of making yet another resolution (you are not alone), rest assured; the New Year does not have to be about a grandiose goal. Rather, it can be a concept, a manifesto, or even an approach to how you want to live.  What’s The L Trainer option? Live better, day-by-day.  We’ve complied a list of 15, easy ways to kick butt at life this next year–so easy, that sprinkling them in throughout your daily/weekly/monthly routine will guarantee a healthier year, and a healthier you. Bring it on!

Our trainers are ready to go! Let's kick bootie, 2015!

Our trainers are ready to go! Let’s kick bootie, 2015!

Here’s Our 15 Ways to Live Better in 2015

15. Go to the doctor

Get an updated check up on how your body’s doing so that if you do make a resolution related to your fitness, you know what you’re working with from the get go.

14. Go volunteer

Or perform a random act of kindness. The benefit? Good karma coming at ya!

13. Get a massage already

A legit one, full-body, even the booty. Trust me, the booty needs it.

12. Schedule your “you” time

Away from social media and work emails–pencil in your you time and don’t let anyone take it away from you.

11. Get on a regular sleep schedule. And honor the heck out of it.

10. Cook more home-cooked meals

Planning, cooking, and eating your own meals is not only healthier than eating out all the time, but also extremely satisfactory.

9. Squat more

The squat is one of the best exercises you can do for yourself, and there’s several variations for any fitness level.

8. Take more walks

We mean the kind where you don’t have anywhere to be for awhile, the kind where you aimlessly wander the streets of the city, admiring architecture and getting lost in your thoughts.

7. Change it up

Beat your boredom and change up a stagnant fitness routine every so often. Your body will thank you.

6.  Build up balance

You don’t need a fancy bosu to build up this often over-looked necessity in movement. Stand on one foot– squat, curl, or hinge forward from the hips and reap the benefits for your core strength and fitness.

5. Find a like-minded buddy

Friends who share similar goals are more successful in achieving those goals.

4. Get better at identifying stressors in your life.

And eliminate them.

3. Be one with your body

“You are imperfect, permanently, and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” –Amy Bloom

2.  Try something new

Trying new things boosts confidence. Go get ’em!

1. Remember the feeling of success

We’ve all experienced this feeling, but many of us have forgotten. Watch any kid learning how to ride a bike, and remember the delight we had in ourselves. Call it pride, self-satisfaction, or a feeling of gratification. It’s the same feeling as accomplishing any feat, big or small, as an adult–killing it at a presentation, crossing the finish line of a race, or even jumping onto the train without spilling your coffee just as you hear “stand clear of the closing doors, please.” We do have successes as adults, and we need to own them. Write them down, sing a few self-praises, high-five your fellow straphanger. The most important thing you can do this year is to acknowledge your wins.

Ready to live better, move more, and feel vital? Contact The L Trainer today and start the year off with a kick!