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No Turkey Trot? No Problem. Top Tips To Stay Healthy(ish) On Turkey Day

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Fitness Tips, Healthy Lifestyle

Thanksgiving, though seemingly ridiculous at times (I mean, we stuff our faces and watch grown men pummel each other), is the most genuine holiday we have. People truly give thanks, and that is the only thing we give–no need to worry about how much anyone spent on gifts because there are none. We get together and simply enjoy each other’s company and partake in gluttony, no strings attached.

As The L Trainer’s in-house running guru, I am the first to admit–even I need a break from running every once in awhile. After this weekend’s marathon in Philly (cold and miserable–I opted out of the full and did the half instead), I am in no hurry to lace up my sneakers again and brave the icy wind that tunnels through our city streets. I probably will anyway, for reasons I don’t understand. But I don’t want to.

Me, enjoying a Yard's Pale Ale post-race and celebrating the fact that the running is over and also giving mad thanks to Swiss Haus Bakery who gave out free cookies to runners.

Me, enjoying a Yard’s Pale Ale post-race and celebrating the fact that the running is over and also giving mad thanks to Swiss Haus Bakery who gave out free cookies to runners.

So here’s my top tips for sneaking in exercise and staying marginally healthy on a day that’s sure to be filled with plenty of merry-making and pie (without Turkey Trotting):


1. Be a decent house-guest.

Help out with the dishes, clear plates from the table, grab someone another beer. Any opportunity to get up and move, do it. The more you move, the more calories you use and the better your body will feel.


2. Walk somewhere.

Before the turkey, or after the turkey–even if you’re just walking to the deli to pick up the ice-cream someone forgot. Make it a point to get that little extra in.


3. Incline push-ups

Incline push-ups are a fine way to train your shoulder girdle and prep you for the full push-up on the floor. Open up your chest by holding the push-up before straightening the arms again. Most kitchen counters do nicely for incline push-ups, but you can use any wall, too. Once you’ve warmed up with a few of these, you can go ahead and challenge someone to a push-up contest, but remember–it’s about having fun!


4. Dance

Start the party off with a groovy, Spotify playlist and don’t be shy about being the first one to shake those hips around a bit. Thanksgiving is about being weird with your family and friends, after all.


5. Sun Salutations

Geezus, why does yoga feel so damn good all the time? A few quick rounds of sun salutations before your Thanksgiving festivities couldn’t be more fitting. Prep your day with the right mindset and let your body feel good. If you don’t remember the exact order of a sun salutation, no worries. You can check it out on this handy sight, or opt for any variety of yoga poses that you can remember.


6. For Pete’s sake, eat something in the morning

A lot of people starve themselves until the turkey is ready, and I have never understood why; “saving your appetite” actually destroys your metabolism. Have a bowl of fruit and yogurt or a single egg on toast if you want to eat a little lighter before the bird, but by all means, don’t shun breakfast on such an important day.


7. Take a break from football and put on comedy or have a sing-a-long

Hellooo, Adele, anyone? Laughter and singing both fire up those abdominal muscles and burn calories, and release endorphins (just like exercise). Why spend all this time planking when you could be getting in some nice belly rolls watching Amy Schumer?


8. Play a Game

Break out the Uno cards, Taboo, or get everyone together for  a rousing game of Charades. A rousing board game not only improves your cognitive thinking skills, but also speeds up your responses. This can mean you’ll attack those HIIT circuits your trainer gives you more easily.


Above all else, keep Thanksgiving fun. Enjoy it. Any holiday that allows you to roam in pajamas and loaf from table to couch is a nice stress reliever. Use the day to rest if your body needs it, and don’t feel guilty about it. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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