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Meet our newest Teammate Nathalie! Personal Training Williamsburg

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in Healthy Lifestyle

The L Trainer is excited to welcome our newest teammate,  Brooklyn Personal Trainer Nathalie De Jesus.


Personal Trainer Nathalie believes "Health is Wealth"

Personal Trainer Nathalie believes “Health is Wealth”


Nathalie is a home-grown New Yorker with a BS in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College and a winning coaching attitude. After a few years of training at Equinox, Nathalie decided to join The L Trainer. Whether she is coaching young athletes on the softball field or working with clients in the comfort of their homes, Nathalie delivers an empowering fitness and wellness experience. Read below to learn more about powerful Nathalie.


Why are you excited to work with The L Trainer?

I grew up in many team settings and I love the unity and growth The L Trainer provides to the team’s vision and the individual. The L Trainer is a fun circle of trainers who push each other to become the best trainers they can be. Sounds cliché, but The L Trainer is a nurturing environment perfect for like-minded trainers to grow. We’re constantly seeking education and we’re always thinking of new ways to give our clients the most well rounded and fulfilling experience.”

 What’s your favorite part of being a Personal Trainer?

Always keep exercise fun!

Always keep exercise fun!

My favorite part about being a personal trainer is that I share my passion with others every single day. I absolutely love what I do and I can’t believe the amount of confidence my clients gain after mastering new exercises, feeling better, and looking better.

What is your coaching style?

I’d say my coaching style is educational, motivating, and fun! I like teaching my clients about movement and healthy habits. I want each and every one of my clients to take something away from each session that they can apply to their everyday life. I also like to make sure my clients are having fun throughout the process. There’s nothing better than seeing the change your clients fight forevery training session. When a client tells you they appreciate your energy, that’s the best!

Ready to put the passion back into your exercise program? Contact The L Trainer today!