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Williamsburg Personal Training integrates Outdoor Fitness Training

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in Fitness Tips, Neighborhood Training

Keep Your Fitness On Track This SPRING With Outdoor Exercise

Master Trainer Jesse takes his fitness outside

Master Trainer Jesse takes his fitness outside

It’s happening! Have you noticed all the hotties at the track doing laps? Have you spent a lazy Sunday afternoon people watching at McCarren Park? SPRING HAS SPRUNG  PEOPLE and we’ve got the perfect antidote to a winter of exercising indoors or perhaps not exercising at all;)…

Take your workout to the park—it’s the The L Trainer way!

Our clients love exercising outdoors–especially after a winter of being cooped up. Spring is the perfect time to hit up your neighborhood park for a training session, whether it be McCarren, McGolrick, Cooper or near the East River Ferry stop by Williamsburg’s waterfront.


Here’s our trainers top four reasons to take your personal training session outdoors this SPRING:


  1. Have a happier workout.

Studies show that being outside, experiencing Nature in all her glory, makes us happier. Combine that with the boost of endorphins we get from exercise, and we can’t help it but have an awesome time frolicking through our calisthenics. And who doesn’t like tossing layers aside like a boss after a round of squat jumps?

  1. Enjoy park perks.

Aside from people watching (never a dull moment in NYC), your park’s benches can mean the perfect amount of incline to perfect your push-up, or a challenging step-up routine. An outdoor green space means taking your lateral shuffles to the next level. Skip on the grass and enjoy feeling like a kid again–a perk that comes with thinking outside the gym. Plan your workout on a Saturday in McCarren, and enjoy a post-exercise trip to the Farmer’s Market for some healthy produce or a hot apple cider.

  1. Feel young again.

A personal training session in the great outdoors is the best solution to making your body feel alive again! All the exercises we did as kids-jump roping, bounding, skipping, lateral jumps–we can (and get to) do them as adults as well! Take advantage that your body remembers being the best kickball player in 6th grade and kick the ball around as a warm-up, or create your own hopscotch workout. Several of our old school playground moves are moves our bodies still need and they serve their purpose–agility, balance, coordination–all components of a well-balanced fitness program.


  1. A change of scenery to freshen up any workout routine.

Suddenly in the park, cardio becomes fun again. Intervals are now legit track repeats, or, even more interesting, tree-to-lamppost. Mountain climbers, push-ups, planks, and butt blasters are an opportunity to learn more about our bodies as we do them on the decline of a small hill or set of stairs. You have the whole sidewalk for walking lunges, as well as grass, dirt, etc. Taking exercise outdoors can make the workout feel like less “work” and more fun. What are you waiting for?


Hey, Brooklyn! Are you ready to see what you can do in the park this Spring? Contact The L Trainer today!