Personal Training Services

The L Trainer operates as a team of caring and educated personal trainers ready to support our clients’ goals. We guide each client through a customized program tailored to fit specific needs and schedules. As a client, you have access to an entire team of trainers for support, knowledge, and motivation. We strive to give you a training experience that not only improves your fitness, but also your movement, your lifestyle, and your relationship with your body and mind.

Each In-Home Personal Training Package Includes:

  • A fitness program tailored to your needs and designed with smart goal-setting in mind
  • Fitness assessments at the beginning and periodically throughout your program
  • Weekly check-ins from your trainer to ensure motivation
  • A monthly check-in email from the entire training team
  • An inspiring newsletter from The L Trainer team with a note from our founder, Camille Eroy-Reveles
  • Access to other wellness resources
  • A referral-based rewards program

Individual Personal Training

Exercises for FIrst Trimester

Your body, your goal, your schedule.

Working one-on-one with The L Trainer is the most-effective way to keep your fitness on track. Our clients have a variety of goals: staying healthy during pregnancy, returning from an injury, sport-specific goals, or even learning new exercise techniques with more guided instruction. The L Trainers are certified in several training-specific continuing education credits ranging from kettle bells, pre- and post-natal, and post-rehab for various injuries (shoulders, spine, knee, etc.). If you are interested in a personal training program with us, please click here!


Partner Training


One of our specialties is working with couples or friends that are adopting new habits and starting a fitness program together. We find that the supportive nature of partner training combined with the expertise of a is highly successful in clients reaching their goals. For more information on teaming up with a friend or partner for personal training, please click here!


Medical Fitness Training

Many chronic medical conditions can be effectively managed, controlled, and treated with exercise. The L Trainer forges a safe bridge from medical treatment to daily function or even athletic performance.

  • We work with you following treatment and sometimes during treatment for illness, chronic disease, musculoskeletal injury and/or disabilities.
  • We work with your healthcare provider to make sure that your exercise program is safe for you.
  • We assist in carrying out instructions of the healthcare provider while providing you with support and guidance.

For more information on training safely, please click here!