Our Testimonials

Personal training has been enormous for our daily quality of life! I find myself doing things I never would do in the past — leaping in to closing train doors and carrying ambitious loads of Trader Joe’s home. We have come to really enjoy our mornings with our trainer, Angie.

Freya Z. Brooklyn

Each trainer emphasizes different things. We really love both our trainers and it’s been awesome to mix it up for purposes of variety.

Whit B., Brooklyn Heights

I have been working with Jesse for over 2 years. Three things come to mind when I think about characteristics that set him apart from other trainers with whom I have worked in the past:  Jesse demonstrates high energy that is contagious, he holds me accountable to my goals in a way that makes me want to do better, and he is so encouraging, highlighting even the small wins.  As a result, he has helped me accomplish my fitness goals in a fun yet challenging way.

Sarah R., Williamsburg

Working with Jesse Gonzalez has been improved all aspects of my life from my health to my day to day attitude. I feel stronger physically as well as mentally. It has kept me focused at work and more energy through out the day. Jesse has worked on correcting my body, my strength and my energy and I have felt the difference. But above all I enjoy it.

Barnaby R., Williamsburg

I have been meeting and hiring personal trainers for over 30 years in the fitness industry and every once in awhile some very special and talented professionals come along. I have seen Camille Eroy-Reveles motivate hundreds of children and adults at an event we participated in at Citi Field. Camille’s vibrant personality, endless knowledge of fitness and her passion for her work would make her my dream trainer. Anyone who would have the opportunity to work with Camille would be very lucky and on to a very healthy path. Trust me, I wish I could hire her.

Bonita Porte, Owner, Energetic Juniors fitness company