Our Testimonials

Camille is easy going but tough when she needs to be. She is clearly a very experienced and talented at what she does. When I first started training with her, I was focused a ‘get fit/thin quick’ approach and working with The L Trainer team I learnt that there were things that I need to work on first that would support my longer term goals and while I didn’t necessarily lose weight, I gained strength and stability both physically and mentally. I really appreciate the holistic service as it spans way beyond physical training – Camille has taught me so much about my body physiologically but also how everything connects to the mind as well. Camille cares about The L Trainer ‘s clients beyond just offering quick fixes. This is not something I have ever experienced with other trainers before. She always says, “listen to my body” and quite often we will spend a whole session focused on one issue I might be experiencing. She has taught me the importance of mindfulness and getting support beyond just training (physical therapy, massage etc.)

Charlotte B, Williamsburg Brooklyn

I’ve had trainers in the past that isolate muscles of the body. Camille is holistic and we work with the flow arts and right and left-brain coordination. For an older clientele that wants health and longevity, Camille is ideal. Her qualities are holistic and accepting and she teaches body wisdom and healing through her session with self-love at the root of the work. Very different from other trainers. Also not judgmental!

Susan R, Upper East Side

Personal training has been enormous for our daily quality of life! I find myself doing things I never would do in the past — leaping in to closing train doors and carrying ambitious loads of Trader Joe’s home. We have come to really enjoy our mornings with our trainer, Angie.

Freya Z. Brooklyn

Each trainer emphasizes different things. We really love both our trainers and it’s been awesome to mix it up for purposes of variety.

Whit B., Brooklyn Heights

I have been working with Jesse for over 2 years. Three things come to mind when I think about characteristics that set him apart from other trainers with whom I have worked in the past:  Jesse demonstrates high energy that is contagious, he holds me accountable to my goals in a way that makes me want to do better, and he is so encouraging, highlighting even the small wins.  As a result, he has helped me accomplish my fitness goals in a fun yet challenging way.

Sarah R., Williamsburg