Create the pillars of your own practice, in your own home, guided by our yoga team.


Build a yoga practice

Our sessions are 60 minutes and 75 minutes. Partner, Family, or Group Practice

A yoga practice in your home with an experienced teacher is a direct route to inner peace and embodiment, a challenging balance in NYC. At The L Trainer we prioritize making movement accessible and enjoyable and we do the same with our private yoga sessions.

Our yoga team will work with you to create a yoga practice that supports your body and your lifestyle. Whether you are just learning yoga or you want to improve your practice, we will help you build a lifetime practice that you can literally take anywhere. Our private sessions will focus on alignment, breath work, flexibility, and will help you drop into a calming state for your body and mind.



“Having in-home yoga as an integral part of my training program. It has added an element of mind-body exercise that aids me to build strength and balance, while helping to overcome fatigue and add energy; this is particularly important since I have MS.

Working with Camille as my trainer, she is able to focus on how yoga fits into my individual needs on any given day (depending on how I feel,) and changes the program accordingly. Classes, just by definition, cannot provide this individual attention (and have even been known to cause harm to participants). ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I EVER DID!!! “ –Linda Lachlan


I absolutely love practicing yoga at home! I can create the environment that I need to restore my body without other distractions. Camille is amazing at keeping my body aligned and ensuring that I have a safe practice. I love having a trainer that knows my limitations and adjusts for this while challenging and strengthening my body!
–Nicole Glassman