Individual Personal Training

Our clients have a variety of goals: getting fit for an event, staying healthy during pregnancy, returning from an injury, performance-specific training, or simply being in the best shape of their lives.



Partner Training

One of our specialties is working with couples or friends that are adopting new habits and starting a fitness program together. The supportive nature of exercising with a partner combined with the expertise of our team is a recipe for fun, fitness, and healthy.



Medical Fitness Training

Many chronic medical conditions can be effectively managed, controlled, and treated with exercise. The L Trainer forges a safe bridge from medical treatment back to daily. We work with you following treatment (and sometimes during treatment) and are in communication with your healing team so we are all on the same page and you can get the support you deserve while you heal.



Camille is holistic and accepting and has an uncanny ability to understand my preferences and temperament while imbuing a loving spiritual component. I’ve gained body wisdom and healing through my sessions with self-love at root of the work.

Susan Rockefeller