Go With The Flow: An Introduction To Poi

Date: 11/3/18 10am-11am ∙ Location: McCarren Park ∙ Cost: $20

We’ve all heard it “Go with the Flow”… Flow is one of the most popular concepts in it’s suggestion that when we are “in the flow” we are efficiently moving through life downstream, with ease, unbothered by modern life, and everyone is giving you a high five and helping you along your journey.

 But getting into this flow state takes real work, and a practice. This practical workshop will teach you some basic poi moves to get you in the flow, and touch on neurophysiology and the brain and body connection, and make a case for why flowing with two tethered objects (one in each hand) will help you free  your mind, wake up your body, and drop you into current of flow.

Guide: Camille Eroy-Reveles