Upcoming Retreats

Back to Nature, Soul and Body Attunement

DATE: 6/14/19- 6/16/19 ∙ LOCATION: Bloominbburg, New York COST: $200

Attune to the rhythms, the teachings, and the wonder that is Mother Nature.

We will use her elements as our guide, awaking our senses and exploring the deep body wisdom within each us.


·       Wild edible and medicinal plant identification walk

    Daily Yoga and Breathwork

·       Nature Attunement Walk, using our 5 senses to connect with Nature

·       Sweat Lodge poured by one of our elders

·       Fire Circle and Sharing Song

·       Full Moon Ritual

Guides: Permajam and Camille Eroy-Reveles


About Retreat


We live a superhuman lifestyle.  It’s challenging to get to the point where you strip everything away and can be with your authentic self- no phone, no babies, no work, and no responsibility. We retreat because we have the the opportunity for a life “reset," for meeting community that are going through similar LIFE, and for going deeper into learning about alignment of your mind, body, and soul.

Step away and let yourself just BE.


We help you escape into presence.

Food: Price includes meals (Friday dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, light breakfast on Sunday and feast post Sweat Lodge Ceremony)

Lodging: Camping, bring your own stuff or stay at a local airbnb or motel

Things to bring: Camping gear (tent, flashlight, natural soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste, pillows, sleeping bag, blankets, 2 towels, rain gear, boots, sneakers, hat, bug spray, sun screen, water bottle) swimsuit, sweat clothes (long skirt or sarong for women, shorts for men), musical instruments, journal

Things not to bring: Drugs or Alcohol

Location: Blossom Dell Sanctuary, 201 York Rd. Bloominburg NY


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Retreat Themes:

Body Wisdom and Self Love

We guide you on these practices so that all the clutter (sound, energy) is cleared away for you to listen to what you have to say to yourself. You know what is best for you!! When we reflect, we pray, we meditate, we exercise- we give ourselves the space to hear and witness what is right for us. (This is a form of self love)

Ritual and Ceremony in Life

  • Developing personal and community rituals as a source of connection, reflection, commitment.

  • Old traditions, moon significance, the fire, celebration


  • Left and right brain, yang and yin energy, force and ease, city and nature

  • How to balance with fitness and the practices? (Restoration in nature versus city life)

Our Guide

  • We align with the elements as our guide for the classes/lectures/hikes/activities

  • Earth- the body, grounded, rooted

  • Water- blood, fluidity/creativity (flow arts class with Camille)

  • Air- breath, balance/ energy (breathwork/cardio work)

  • Fire- Spirit and inspiration within, awakened flame/ motivation (fire circle)