Camille’s qualities are holistic and accepting and teaches body wisdom and healing through her sessions with self love at the root of the work. Thank you for giving me my body back and allowing me to celebrate the flow in my life with joy!
— Susan Rockefeller

Unparalleled personal training which offers transformation via work out sessions which are at once motivational and educational – the client takes with him or her not only the changes they desire, but a whole rundown of how and why those changes can and do occur. This isn’t someone yelling at you to move, it’s a highly educated professional standing beside you explaining what will happen if you do.
— Georgie Castle, Citizen Cacao

Having in-home yoga as an integral part of my training program. It has added an element of mind-body exercise that aids me to build strength and balance, while helping to overcome fatigue and add energy; this is particularly important since I have MS.
Working with Camille as my trainer, she is able to focus on how yoga fits into my individual needs on any given day (depending on how I feel,) and changes the program accordingly. Classes, just by definition, cannot provide this individual attention (and have even been known to cause harm to participants). ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I EVER DID!!!
— Linda Lachlan

I absolutely love practicing yoga at home! I can create the environment that I need to restore my body without other distractions. Camille is amazing at keeping my body aligned and ensuring that I have a safe practice. I love having a trainer that knows my limitations and adjusts for this while challenging and strengthening my body!
— Nicole Glassman

Working with The L Trainer has been improved all aspects of my life from my health to my day to day attitude. I feel stronger physically as well as mentally. It has kept me focused at work and more energy through out the day. Jesse has worked on correcting my body, my strength and my energy and I have felt the difference. But above all I enjoy it.
— Barnaby Roper

Personal training has been enormous for our daily quality of life! I find myself doing things I never would do in the past — leaping in to closing train doors and carrying ambitious loads of Trader Joe’s home. We have come to really enjoy our mornings with The L Trainer.
— Freya Zaheer, Sakara Life