Brooklyn Personal Trainer talks being a Guide for Clients

 This modern world requires us to operate at a superhuman level.

Our work aligns the body, mind and soul with personal practices that build, balance, and replenish life force.


The L Trainer guides body wisdom, self-love and learning in our practice of fitness. It is not enough to take someone through a workout (we call it a practice). In our sessions we teach alignment of the body, mind, and soul. We find grounding, we learn to bend, to flow, to challenge, and when we need to back off.

We cultivate habits that help you build and replenish life force and we teach you how to do it all on your own with out us, so that you can always feel good and be able to do your big work for the world.

Our motto is “Life Practices for Extraordinary People Changing the World” and this is no simple undertaking.

Building a life practice takes time and effort and preparation.

When you sign up for a program with us, our role is to meet you where you are, try to understand where you want to go, and then create a Program Strategy that lays out the foundation for a lifelong practice that will move you there. We love the yoga saying “what happens on your mat, happens in your world.” And in integrating that with our work, we know that the time you spend with us is sacred. It is the time you are dedicating to and get to know your body, how it works, how it likes to move, what barriers you may feel, and how all this connects to your inner world.

We take our role seriously by being prepared, educated on your needs, and energetically clear so we can be the channel that fosters this beautiful experience that helps you THRIVE and love yourself some more.

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Sending Love,

Camille Eroy-Reveles MPH

Founder, The L Trainer

Camille Eroy-Reveles