Brooklyn Personal Training takes it to the Park


Studies show that being outside, experiencing Mother Nature in all her glory, makes us happier.  So when we combine being under the big sky getting powered by the sun with the boost of endorphins we get from EXERCISE,  you will finish your session feeling totally LIT  by nature.

The L Trainer uses this handy checklist of Park Training Basics  when we invite our clients to take their fitness outside. 

The L Trainer Park Training Basics:

1) Check the weather. Mother Nature can change her mind before you get to the Park. Always have a back up plan if the weather changes, so you don’t miss your workout.

2) Bring extra water! Our clients tend to work a lot harder when training in the park. Whether it is because there is more space, more people around, or just a new environment, prep yourself for an incredible workout that requires more hydration.

3) Bring Sunscreen and a hat. No matter how overcast it looks, trust me, you need to protect your skin from too much Sun.

4) Check out your training area before your workout. Our Trainers will do this during your sessions. But if you are on your own make sure that you look all around in the area where you’re going to workout.  Look for bottle caps, animal droppings, wet spots, and OTHER (so many possibilities) that could spoil your exercise plans.

5) Watch out for unstable surfaces.  Make sure you are aware of any surface that may put your moving body at risk. Examples include: gravel, pebbles, and uneven grass.

Hey, Brooklyn, are you ready to take it OUTSIDE? Contact The L Trainer today.

Camille Eroy-Reveles